Issue 4 TOC
Dungeons and Democrats
A party of Democrats journeys across the Beltway.  They encounter a blue Will of the People in the marsh.  The blue Will of the People asks the party to travel to the Capitol and cast an Iraq War Funding bill with a Troop Withdrawal Timeline, putting a 200 turn duration on the Occupation.  The party does a reaction check roll.  Murtha rolls a 17.  Pelosi rolls an 18.  Reid rolls an 18.  Durbin rolls a 20. They set off for the Capitol.

The Democratic party reaches the Capitol and bends bars and lifts gates, finding an untended sewer grate by the north wall.  After making their way to the central chamber, they encounter a party of Republicans with a red Will of the People.  Roll for initiative.  Democratic party’s +2 Majority of Congress earns them the first move.

Reid produces a Framed Photo of a Fallen Son, says “It’s time to bring our boys home” and makes a Pained Expression; casting an Iraq War funding bill with Troop Withdrawal Timeline.  With the Republican turn, Lott produces a Report on the Surge with Positive Statistics, says “The terrorists will follow us home” and sets His Jaw; casting a dispel magic spell on the Troop Withdrawal Timeline in the Iraq War funding bill.  But Reid makes saving throw and the bill holds.  

Bush rushes from the Republican ranks, wielding a Pen of Veto, and strikes at the Troop Withdrawal Timeline in the Iraq War Funding bill.  Roll to hit.  Bush rolls 9.  Pen of Veto adds +8 to hit.  Hit lands.  Roll for damage.  Bush rolls 3.  Pen of Veto adds +11 damage.  Reid misses saving throw.  Bill takes heavy damage.

Next turn, the Democratic party holds Closed Door Session.  The blue Will of the People conjures new bill from Liberal Plane.  New bill includes a Domestic Spending Package.  Reid casts Iraq War Funding bill with Federal Minimum Wage Increase, Farm Aid, Gulf Coast Recovery and HIV Grants.  The bill’s Concessions give the Republicans -5 on their saving throws.  Republicans roll 4.  Bill carries.

Democrats earn 2000 experience points for pleasing blue Will of the People.  Republicans earn 2000 experience points for pleasing red Will of the People plus 7000 experience points from treasure gained from Subcontracting.

A level 10 Status Quo enters the chamber.  Roll for surprise.  Democrats roll 1.  Republicans roll 1.  Status Quo rolls 4.  Status Quo does a Gridlock Area of Effect attack.  Democrats and Republicans miss saving throws.  Status Quo rolls 23 damage, killing everyone in both parties.  The Status Quo does level drain on the blue and red Wills of the People.  Both Wills lose wisdom points and fall under Status Quo’s control.  Status Quo casts an animate the dead spell on Democratic and Republican parties and sends them on endless campaigns.