Issue 4 TOC
Four Quarters Equal a Dollar



Mr. Judas is a quarterly publication.  By intent.

This being the fourth issue, and four quarters being a dollar, there’s now a buck of Mr. Judas on the table.  Of course the issue is over three months late, stretching out that last quarter like it rode a busy rail.  No soda, snack, ticket machine would take that quarter. But it does look pretty cool. Fat guy from high school turned slim young adult wooed the popular girl turned nurse into his wife by proffering an elliptically swerved nickel born ‘neath the wheels of a passing Union Pacific.  Best intentions warped.  But delivered.

This issue was supposed to come out Nov.11.  It was supposed to be a political issue.  The call went out for political material.  The Judasians responded.  With religiosity.  Testament to an ageless age of theocracy.  The bare essentials made unbearable by the existential terror of missing out, the torment of implacable nostalgia.  Looking for order, for meaning, looking to leaders to show the way, reigned and harvested from behind best intentions.  Warped.  But delivered.

And then there were the Judasians who responded to the political call with work of no particular political content, save allegory, liberally applied.  Simply plowing ahead; deaf, dumb and blind to any call save the throbbing between their ears, crashing along, the ever inertia of all bringing forth a compromised immediate.  Warped but delivered.

And so here’s an even dollar of Mr. Judas, composed of uneven parts.  Warped, but delivered.

Good luck spending it.