Freddy's Back


by starbie/fresh prince/puppy


Freddy is back.

He is a young man

With a job at the Los Angeles Times.


He writes news stories for the paper.

People in the city read his stories and

That’s how he gets into their world.


One woman was reading a story about

Cats and Freddy was the veterinarian.

He started cutting the animals and then

Was chasing the woman around her apartment.


In another story, Freddy takes the form of

A teenage football team captain.  Just when

They are about to have sex, Freddy sticks out

His claws and starts scraping on a metal pipe.


In all his stories, Freddy attacks unsuspecting

Readers.  It should be mentioned that

Lots of Freddy’s writing for the Times

Is non-fiction: reporting on bands, new

Restaurants and politics. For example, once

Freddy gets in a man’s car and rides with him to a new

Restaurant in Silver Lake.  Freddy has an

Ugly look on his face and says bon appétit!

Then Freddy cuts the man’s face.


In another news report, Freddy is talking

About gang violence in Los Angeles.

Freddy’s “gang” of monsters attacks

A bunch of kids at an art gallery in

The Chinatown area.


Now, not many are suspecting of Freddy’s

Terrible strategies of killing.  In fact, at work

He is a star employee with lots of friends

And secret lovers.  Freddy is known as

A hard worker who gets the story and as a fun

Guy who goes to all the work parties and

Is generally cool.


So the story goes, he was a slightly too

Cynical MFA student who produced some

Compelling work in his early years

And then just sort of fell into his

Job at the Times, giving up on his

Early narrative experiments and poetry.


If we only knew the truth about how

Freddy gets into our lives and kills.

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