Issue 3 TOC
Compound Fracture

EVERYMAN KYLE:  You were really emotional, talking about the death of your son, about the strain on your marriage.  You weren’t in your right mind.  I don’t blame you.

Lieutenant T.T. ponders this.

LIEUTENANT T.T.:  I don’t know.  I don’t think I’d do something like that.

EVERYMAN KYLE:  It’s okay.  You’re human.  I won’t tell the captain.  Just go back to your car and get my license and registration, get my ticket, and we’ll both be on our way.  Sara is waiting.

Lieutenant T.T. ponders this.

LIEUTENANT T.T.:  Okay.  I’ll check.  Hold on.

Lieutenant T.T. walks back to his chair.  Everyman Kyle watches him intently in the rearview mirror, then drops his foot onto the stage.  


Four stagehands rush out from offstage right and grab the four legs of Everyman Kyle’s chair.  They push the car forward a bit, though not offstage, and continue to slide it back and forth, mimicking the movement of a speeding car.  Lieutenant T.T. turns to see Everyman Kyle speeding off.


Lieutenant T.T. rushes to his chair and hops on as his stagehands reappear at the four legs of his chair.  They move Lieutenant T.T.’s chair back and forth six feet behind Everyman Kyle’s lurching chair.  Lieutenant T.T. grabs a phantom radio and screams into it.

LIEUTENANT T.T.:  This is car 57!  I am in pursuit of a teal ’94 Toyota Corolla, license plate-- Dammit!  Can’t read it!  I am westbound on Magnolia.  Requesting back-up!

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