Issue 3 TOC
Compound Fracture

LIEUTENANT T.T.:  Sir, your signal was not in operation during that turn.  What are the other drivers supposed to think?  That you are somehow above the law?  Then what liberties will they take?  How many have to die?

EVERYMAN KYLE:  Can this at least be, like, a fix-it ticket?  Something I can get off my driving record at some point?

LIEUTENANT T.T.:  It’s a moving violation, sir.  Plain and simple.  Now if you’d just sign--

EVERYMAN KYLE:  Aren’t you going to ask me for my license and registration?

LIEUTENANT T.T.:  I don’t think that will be necessary.  We know each other pretty well by now, don’t we?

EVERYMAN KYLE:  What happened to going by the book?  You’re just making up the rules now?  I wonder how your captain would feel about this, officer…?

Everyman Kyle leans forward to inspect Lieutenant T.T.’s left breast.  Lieutenant T.T. leans in close to Everyman Kyle.

LIEUTENANT T.T.:  Is that a threat?

EVERYMAN KYLE:  Look, man, we have really gotten off on the wrong foot here.  Can we just start over?  Just ask for my license and registration.  We’ll make this like the first time.

Lieutenant T.T. ponders this.

LIEUTENANT T.T.:  Okay.  Okay. (clears throat)  License and registration, please.

EVERYMAN KYLE:  You still have it from the last time.


EVERYMAN KYLE:  You never gave it back to me after the last time.  I forgot to mention it.

LIEUTENANT T.T.:  I find that hard to believe, sir.

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