Issue 3 TOC
Compound Fracture

LIEUTENANT T.T.:  All cell phone calls conducted while operating a motor vehicle must be done via a hands-free apparatus.

EVERYMAN KYLE:  That’s a real law?

LIEUTENANT T.T.:  Just became one in July.  You’re actually the first person I’ve cited for it.


LIEUTENANT T.T.:  But, sure, I can just give you the ticket.  We don’t need to go through the whole “License and Registration” song and dance.  I’m sorry.  It’s just that my son recently passed, drowned at summer camp, and my wife and I, we’re just both dealing with it so differently.  Our whole lives have been torn apart.  I guess I’m just trying to latch onto something familiar, trying to keep some order.  It’s just been so hard.  But that’s no reason to take it out on you.

EVERYMAN KYLE:  No, it’s okay.  That’s really heavy.  I guess, for all the stuff I say, I sometimes forget you guys are just people inside that uniform, that you’re dealing with life, too.  I’m really sorry to hear about your son.

LIEUTENANT T.T.:  Thanks.  I’m sorry, but I will have to give you that ticket, though.

EVERYMAN KYLE:  That’s okay.  The law is the law, right?

Lieutenant T.T. hands Everyman Kyle his ticket and Everyman Kyle signs it and returns it.

LIEUTENANT T.T.:  Have a good night, sir.


Lieutenant T.T. returns to his chair and is promptly taken offstage left by his four stagehands.  Everyman Kyle pulls back into traffic.

EVERYMAN KYLE:  Wow.  That was something, man.  Real human contact.

Everyman Kyle looks up in his rearview mirror.

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