Issue 3 TOC
Compound Fracture

EVERYMAN KYLE:  (sheepishly) No.

LIEUTENANT T.T.:  Now if you disagree with my account, you are entitled to take it up with the judge, sir, but arguing now will do you no good.

EVERYMAN KYLE:  Okay, okay.  Here.

Everyman Kyle hands Lieutenant T.T. his license and registration.  Lieutenant T.T. returns to his car.  While he waits, Everyman Kyle takes out a cell phone and dials.  After a beat, he speaks:

EVERYMAN KYLE:  Hey, baby.  You would not believe this!  I got pulled over for an illegal u-turn right in front of an intersection, so then right after I got the ticket, I pulled away from the curb and the light was turning yellow, but I went for it.  Well, I guess you can’t enter an intersection after the light has turned yellow, and can you believe it, the cop pulled me over again! ...  I know!

Everyman Kyle glances up in his rearview window.  Lieutenant Kyle gets out of his car and approaches Everyman Kyle’s car.

EVERYMAN KYLE:  Shit, he’s coming back.  Hold on.

Everyman Kyle tosses the phone onto the passenger seat.  Lieutenant T.T. hands back Everyman’s Kyle’s info.

LIEUTENANT T.T.: I pulled you over for entering the intersection under a yellow light.  Sign the ticket, which is not an admission of guilt, just a promise to appear in court.  If you choose to contest the ticket, you can do so with the judge.

EVERYMAN KYLE:  Don’t really have much ground to stand on there.  Again.

LIEUTENANT T.T.:  Well, we all make mistakes, sir.  I just happened to catch you this time.  Again.  Have a good night.


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