Issue 3 TOC
Compound Fracture

LIEUTENANT T.T.:  Well, we all make mistakes.  I just happened to catch you this time.  Have a good night.


Lieutenant T.T. returns to his chair.  The stagehands return to their places at the legs of Lieutenant T.T.’s chair and drag him offstage left.  Everyman Kyle pulls out into traffic.  Then he glances up at something ten feet above the ground offstage.

EVERYMAN KYLE:  Shit.  Shit.

Everyman Kyle keeps glancing in his rearview mirror.  Suddenly the seated Lieutenant T.T. and the stagehands burst back onstage.

LIEUTENANT T.T.:  Wee-ooo!  Wee-ooo!  Wee-ooo!


Everyman Kyle pulls the car over.  They go through the same routine as before, Lieutenant T.T. eventually approaching the upstage side of Everyman Kyle.

LIEUTENANT T.T.:  License and registration.

EVERYMAN KYLE:  I just gave it to you!

LIEUTENANT T.T.:  Sir, your tone isn’t necessary.  

EVERYMAN KYLE:  All right, all right.  I’m sorry.  I guess I just hoped there was some kind of, you know, grace period right after you get a ticket.

LIEUTENANT T.T.:  Sir, I cannot pick and choose which laws to enforce like some kind of vigilante.  I am sworn to protect the whole of the law.  I saw you enter that intersection after the signal had turned yellow.  I can’t look the other way.  Next thing you know, the streets are filled with jaywalkers getting mowed down by drivers, sir, making u-turns pell-mell.  I don’t want to live in that world.  Do you?

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