Issue 3 TOC
Compound Fracture

LIEUTENANT T.T.:  Wee-ooo!  Wee-ooo!  Wee-ooo!

Everyman Kyle glances up in his phantom rearview mirror.


Everyman Kyle pantomimes pulling his car over.  Lieutenant T.T. follows suit, his wee-ooing quieting and then falling silent.  Both men sit on their chairs for a bit; Everyman Kyle tapping on his thighs and looking in his rearview mirror, Lieutenant T.T. scratching info into a phantom ticket book and typing on an ethereal keyboard.  Then Lieutenant T.T. gets out of his chair and approaches the upstage side of Everyman Kyle’s chair.  Everyman Kyle pantomimes rolling down his window.

LIEUTENANT T.T.:  License and registration.

Everyman Kyle nods and retrieves the phantom items, hands them to Lieutenant T.T.

LIEUTENANT T.T.:  Just a moment, sir.

Lieutenant T.T. returns to his car and busies himself with phantom items.  Everyman Kyle looks in the rearview mirror and shakes his head.  Eventually Lieutenant T.T. returns to Everyman Kyle’s car and hands Everyman Kyle a phantom ticket.

LIEUTENANT T.T.: I pulled you over for the illegal u-turn back there.  Sign the ticket, which is not an admission of guilt, just a promise to appear in court.  If you choose to contest the ticket, you can do so with the judge.

Everyman Kyle signs the ticket and hands it back.

EVERYMAN KYLE:  Don’t really have much ground to stand on there.

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