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of misters and missuses

Monday, June 14th, 2010

Behind every great man is a great woman.

time for a kinky summer 'do!

I am not a great man.

creme de la creme

But I like to treat my lover right, like to give her the finer things in life, and so I turned over to her the keys to the premiere post-ironic pop-lit humo[u]r magazine within a half-block radius of our apartment.

there goes the neighborhood

It’s been fun to see what she came up with. Some familiar faces grace her pages. She also ventured into new territory with what is known as “multiple medias.”

ho. lee. shiiiiiit!

Is it an issue I would’ve come up with? Not necessarily. But that’s the beauty of life-partnership. You don’t double-up on good stuff; you get stuff you wouldn’t have necessarily done on your own. It’s fresh. It’s surprising. Instead of double-insulated tunnel vision, you get bifocals, snatching up the shiny nuggets and loose change splashed across sidewalks near and far.

i can see everything!

I know what you’re thinking: Mr. Judas already seemed pretty transsexual.

it's what's inside the counts.

Well, here’s the pudding.


All the best,

Mr. J